How PEMF Feels and Acts

  • PEMF sends a safe, gentle energy into the body that increases our cells’ capacity to perform the functions our bodies need them to perform for us to experience proper health, increase our wellness, and perform at our best.  Through this process of re-charging the cell, PEMF helps re-establish cell membrane potential (and thereby the capacity of the cell to continue doing what it is meant to do).  This includes transporting oxygen and nutrients in – and waste out, as well as communicating with other cells and repairing themselves.  
  • PEMF is drawn to where it is needed: under-charged cells constrict, force toxins out, and draw the energy in; fully powered cells allow the PEMF energy to pass by. PEMF stimulates all levels of the body: the energy is non-toxic and travels through the entire body – affecting individual cells that make up the tissues, organs, and complete body systems.  Muscle twitching is a common response as the cells in need of the healing energy: constrict, force toxins out, and draw the needed PEMF energy in.
  • A High-Powered PEMF device delivers the energy by means of a “pulse event” in which a burst of electromagnetic (not electrical) energy is transferred through an applicator coil and into the area (e.g. Leg) being treated. The recurrence of the “pulse event” depends on the intensity setting of the machine: the higher the pulse intensity is set, the longer the interval between pulses lasts.  (As a frame of reference on a very low intensity setting there may be as many as 4 or so pulses per second; at a higher intensity there may be only one pulse per second).  The high intensity combined with (only seconds) duration produces more activation of molecules.   The short “on-time” of the charge means cells have sufficient “off-time” to utilize the energy received and reset to receive it again unless fully-recharged (at which point the energy passes to other cells in need).  High PEMF intensities produce sufficiently-high charges in the body to increase a cell’s Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) by up to 500%.  This gives cells more fuel to be efficient while stimulating the body’s own capacity for healing.  
  • High-Powered PEMF affects the physics of the cell first; the physics, in turn, affect the chemistry which affects the tissue. PEMF does not discriminate: PEMF works to restore cell performance regardless of where the cell is situated, what it does, whose it is, or (even) what has happened to it; PEMF works with what there is to work with.  The charges produced by High-Powered PEMF positively affect circulation, coagulation, fractures, emotional/cognitive issues, immunology, muscle actions, nerve conductivity, EEG effects, intestinal motility, skin respiration, antioxidant activity, and many other bodily functions.
  • High-powered PEMF creates a time-varying magnetic field which induces an electric field (with magnitude proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic wave) in the body. The ability of High-Powered PEMF to produce up to 5.3T per microsecond produces significant changes quickly (often) leading to noticeable results rapidly.