Our cells are electric: every living function – conscious, unconscious, physical, or mental requires electrical current in order to happen. Muscle activity, nerve function, glandular secretions, thinking, walking, running, pain, healing and regeneration are all electrically-driven functions of the body. 

Loss of cellular electrical charge is the beginning of diminishing performance, aging, illness, and even death:

  • The loss of the proper electrical current in our heart creates the need for pacemakers.
  • Our brains use electrical signals to deliver and process millions of messages to the entire infrastructure of the human body every second and actually produce enough electrical current to power a 15–20 watt light bulb.  The loss of this power challenges our mental acuity and may signal the onset of various neurological degenerative conditions (such as Parkinson’s, MS and others). 
  • Healthy cells have a charge of -70 millivolts to -120 millivolts (depending upon what part of the body they are in and what they do). If a cell begins to lose this charge, it loses the capability to perform its intended function. This is the beginning of aging, loss of lifestyle and disease.  
  • Cells with a charge of <20 millivolts are often incapable of performing any useful function and go into survival mode during which they reproduce themselves in their deficient form – a degenerative process that may signal the beginning of cancer. 

High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is like a battery charger for cells. PEMF gives our cells the energy needed to do what we need them to do – the way we need them to do it – and REPAIR. 

During our 10+ years working with High-Powered PEMF, RTI has seen the technology prove highly-effective with people of all health levels across a broad spectrum of purposes, needs, and goals.  Because PEMF works at the cellular level to help cells help themselves the applications/uses of PEMF are virtually universal. In many cases, the results RTI has seen using High-Powered PEMF has far exceeded norms.   

As an example, the following picture and x-ray were taken 4 weeks after surgery to re-attach a foot broken completely off the leg of a 58 year-old woman in a car accident. To the astonishment of therapists and doctors alike, the lady walked without a cane 4 months later following daily PEMF treatment.

Putting all the pieces together again