What is PEMF?

What is PEMF? 

PEMF is like a battery charger for cells:  PEMF delivers a safe, gentle energy into the body that increases our cells’ capacity to perform the functions our bodies need them to perform for wellness and best performance. Through this process of re-charging the cell, PEMF helps re-establish cell membrane potential (and thereby the capacity of the cell to continue doing what it is meant to do).  This includes transporting oxygen and nutrients in – and waste out, as well as communicating with other cells and repairing themselves.  

PEMF is drawn to where it is needed: under-charged cells constrict, force toxins out, and draw the energy in; fully powered cells allow the PEMF energy to pass by.  PEMF stimulates all levels of the body: the energy is non-toxic and travels through the entire body – affecting individual cells that make up the tissues, organs, and complete body systems.  Muscle twitching is a common response as the cells in need of the healing energy: constrict, force toxins out, and draw the needed PEMF energy in.

PEMF is highly versatile and generally shows results quickly. 95% of people report less pain, increased range of motion, more energy, and a greater sense of well-being after just 15 minutes of PEMF treatment.   These improvements last from 4 hours to 4 days as the healing process begins.  Repeat use extends the period of benefits; PEMF helps reduce/reverse chronic issues (such as organ dysfunction) over longer periods.

The benefits of High-Powered PEMF include: 

  • reduces pain (both short and long-term);
  • reduces inflammation;
  • increases circulation, oxygenation, and cellular activity;
  • increases range of motion;
  • accelerates functional recovery;
  • speeds healing of broken bones and skin wounds;
  • speeds recovery from surgery;
  • improves general health:
    • enhances capillary formation,
    • increases tensile strength in ligaments,
    • reduces tissue necrosis,
    • accelerates nerve regeneration,
  • increases blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • increases cellular membrane permeability, flexibility and elasticity;
  • increases cellular energy storage, activity, communication and replication;
  • stimulates cellular genesis (growth and repair);
  • helps the Spine, Bones, Cartilage, Tendons, Intestines and Brain.

 And best of all, PEMF DOES NO HARM!