RTI Training – HUMAN

RTI has spent 10+ years developing comprehensive PEMF training for use in professional practices, sports applications and homes.

There are 3 main sets of RTI Human Protocols:

General Health and Wellness

    • Neurological Protocol – neurological degenerative conditions, depression, concussion (if eye test ok)
    • Metabolic – internal organs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer
    • Spinal – back and joint care (incorporates pelvic correction)
    • Condition-specific
    • Prevention and mitigation of pain, swelling, and inflammation  

Sports Medicine, Athletic Training and Fitness

    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Injury recovery and rehabilitation
    • Surgical recovery and rehabilitation
    • Game day
    • Training Camp
    • Retirement

Living Life to the Fullest     

    • Personal best performance
    • Anti-aging

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Complete training is included free of charge for all new RTI PEMF owners. It is the BEST way to ensure consistency of treatment delivery and user/client/patient/ athlete/employee outcomes from the Therapy. For more information or to participate in RTI’s PEMF training programs please:  contact us.