RTI Training – EQUINE

RTI has spent 10+ years developing comprehensive PEMF human training. We have recently partnered with a highly-successful horse trainer to develop an equivalent set of equine protocols addressing the following:

General Health and Wellness, Prevention, Anti-Aging

    • Reducing pain and inflammation
    • Increasing range of motion and muscle elasticity
    • Accelerating injury/surgical recovery, bone healing, wound recovery
    • Musculoskeletal prevention and recovery: back, stifle, joint, neck, poll, TMJ, shoulder, hooves, muscles, tendons and ligaments
    • Systemic (body process) improvement, increasing immunity

Sports Training

    • Strength and conditioning
    • Injury recovery and rehabilitation
    • Surgical recovery and rehabilitation
    • Improved performance and well-being
    • Relaxation and stress reduction
    • Event day

Pasture days     

    • Retirement needs
    • Energy
    • Anti-aging


Complete training is included free of charge for all new RTI PEMF owners.   

For equine purchasers this includes complete training in RTI’s human protocols since horse owners and trainers generally realize very quickly that what’s good for their horses is equally good for them.

For more information or to participate in RTI’s PEMF training programs please:  contact us.