RC Max PEMF 120 – Equine

The PEMF 120 is the World’s most prevalent High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device and has earned a reputation for power, reliability, versatility, comfort, safety, and value over a 12+ year history. 

PEMF 120s have fingertip intensity control to enable a treatment experience perfectly matched to the needs and comfort of the recipient. 

There are 3 cabinet choices.  The Portable and Tabletop are designed for use with people. The All-Terrain is designed for use with horses; the portable is sometimes substituted for the All-Terrain in equine use – depending on environment and intended purpose.

All PEMF 120s are (19,200 gauss) spark chamber units and use coils with double plug-ins which are interchangeable from cabinet to cabinet. 

All RTI prices include complete training, a 3 year warranty and shipping within the continental US.

RC Max PEMF 120 All-Terrain (or Portable) – US$20,200 – with 2 coil standard equine coil package
The PEMF 120 Equine/All-Terrain is the popular choice of many veterinarians and other horse practitioners, horse owners, horse trainers, and race tracks. The standard unit is equipped with 2 standard coils the equine Loop and equine Butterfly. It is priced at $20,200


Other coils are available at additional cost; those chosen most often are the:

  • 24-inch Equine Lasso Coil
  • 24-inch Equine “wings” Coil
  • Equine “Paddle” Coil with hoof insert
  • 30 foot Human Rope Coil

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NOTE: this blending of Equine and Human coils is common as Equine units (generally) become multi-purpose very quickly because owners, trainers and riders usually discover that “what’s good for their horses is equally good for them”. The full 6 coil package including both equine and human training, a 3 year warranty and shipping is $22,900.

The PEMF 120 Portable (which is the same device as the All-Terrain but mounted on 3 inch wheels) may be substituted as the cabinet choice.








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