RC Max Digital PEMF Devices

Digital devices feature “1 to 10” position intensity control – enabling precise (identical) treatment experience. RC Digital Max devices are 7000 Gauss and hold the pulse interval 4 times longer thereby gently delivering more energy in shorter time.  Solid state engineering creates additional reliability and versatility. 

There are 3 cabinet choices: the Tote CB, Tabletop, and Portable.  Prices include complete training, a 3 year warranty and shipping within continental US.

RC Digital Max Tote CB – US$18,700


The Tote CB uses double plug-in coils (like those used with the PEMF 120).  RTI’s standard package includes the loop, butterfly and 30 foot rope coil. 

Tabletop – US$18,200                   Portable – US$18,200









The Tabletop and Portable Digital models use single plug coils.  Each is equipped with a large loop and a butterfly coil. 








A Torso Pad which is highly-effective in delivering RTI’s metabolic protocol is often recommended for an additional US$1000. 


Another user-favorite optional accessory is the paddle coil designed to target small plane areas with deliver amplified energy at lower intensity levels. The paddle is US$750.

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If you have questions or would like a price quotation please contact us.