PEMF Treatments

PEMF treatments are safe and pleasant. Often after only 15 minutes most people experience less pain, greater range of motion, increased energy, and often an increased sense of well-being. Specific protocols delineating probe choices, placements, and time for each placement are keys to getting the best result.   

Be wary of anyone who makes guarantees ESPECIALLY about curing illnesses. While PEMF is the most powerful tool we know of, any healing process is individual-specific and there many factors that affect both the magnitude of results and time required.  

That circumstance is another plus for High-Powered PEMF: it does not discriminate; PEMF works with whatever an individual has to work with, and additionally brings out the best in any other method the individual is deploying.   

On that note, RTI has found that incorporating complementary tools (like pelvic correction technique) with PEMF significantly increases the likelihood, immediacy and degree of PEMF benefits. We have also found that treating the entire body through a set of specific protocols is most effective – since wellness is about having everything working the way we need it, and recovery from a specific condition and/or achieving true wellness requires having each of our body’s systems operating at its best possible level.