PEMF Therapy is very effective for horses as well as for those who care about, and for them. Over the years we have seen PEMF help most types of horses as well as their trainers, riders, owners, and spectators. We have also worked with mules and small animals as well as numerous veterinarians and other equine health practitioners. 

PEMF is well-proven as a fast, gentle, effective, and affordable treatment option for horses. There are no side effects and horses like it! It is actually quite charming to watch: it is common for horses to be quite inquisitive (and even cautious) prior to their first treatment – often sniffing the applicator coils et cetera as part of getting comfortable.  By their third or fourth session horses have been known to line up and wait their turns.  Many are also quite helpful in shifting their bodies around to ensure the coil placement gets exactly that right spot.

The following are the commonly-observed Equine benefits of PEMF:  

  • Pain relief and reduction of inflammation,
  • Improved performance and well-being,
  • Increased range of motion and muscle elasticity,
  • Accelerated injury recovery and improved circulation, 
  • Improved relaxation and stress reduction.

For more information about High-Powered PEMF for horses please click on the following link:
What Horse Owners and Trainers should expect from High-Powered PEMF