Digital Dual Devices

Dual Digital Devices combine a medium-powered “Ringer” with a low-powered “Hummer”. 

The “Ringer” is 3500 Gauss (strong enough to feel) and pulses at one constant pulse intensity/strength that can be set to run for either 5 or 15 minutes. ALL Digital “Ringers” feature a “pulse event” that is up to 4 times longer than that of a spark chamber unit, the medium-powered Ringer contained in the DUAL devices delivers a disproportionately higher amount of healing energy than might be expected. The Hummer (which is not felt) runs simultaneously. 

RC Digital Dual units utilize single plug coils and are interchangeable with other single-plug Digital devices. Prices include complete training, a 3 year warranty and shipping within continental US.

There are 2 cabinet choices: the Tabletop and CB Mini Tote (a very lightweight, hand held mobile unit). 

RC Digital Dual Tabletop or mini CB Tote US$6600


The RC Digital Dual Tabletop and mini CB Tote units are the world’s first “home-use” PEMF devices that you can actually feel – with the added bonus of a built in “Oscillator”. RC Digital Dual Tabletop or mini CB Tote units are most commonly used in the home though are increasingly finding their way into professional health practices, spas, team training facilities, and corporate wellness centers. 

Each Digital Dual unit is equipped with a large loop and a butterfly coil.


A Torso Pad which is highly-effective in delivering RTI’s metabolic protocol is recommended for an additional US$1000.








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