Best practice training

Before (like many in the healing field) “life” took James Comerford into the field of cellular health he spent 20+ years as an organizational effectiveness trainer. This background coupled with 10 years of experience providing PEMF-based wellness and optimal performance appointments (in Colorado and Toronto) led to the creation of RTI’s proprietary “best practice” protocols – which RTI believes sets the quality of RTI training apart from competitors.

A quick example of this best practice approach is employing RTI’s Pelvic Correction Technique (PCT) within RTI’s back and joint protocol training. PCT is to spinal and joint health what brushing and flossing is to dental health. By blocking the pelvis we remove/reduce structural imbalance caused by functional leg length differential to allow PEMF energy to flow more freely – as well as remove/reduce the related (ongoing) wear and tear injury. RTI’s Pelvic Correction Technique also includes a neck roll that helps reverse forward head position while complementing the pelvic blocking technique.

neckbackPelvic Correction Kit

RTI primary protocols include:

  • Neurological;
  • Metabolic
  • Spinal (which incorporates RTI’s pelvic correction technique to correct functional leg length differential and body imbalance – to enable PEMF energy to flow more easily throughout the body).

RTI’s primary protocols are the foundation for its secondary and tertiary protocols designed to help diverse clients achieve diverse goals – including but not limited to the following:

  • wellness
  • optimal performance
  • pain reduction
  • joint repair
  • disease prevention
  • strength and conditioning, and
  • condition/injury-specific recovery.

RTI’s training utilizes ALL coils (there’s a reason the manufacturer created them) from a premium accessory package that was initially developed to provide sufficient energy delivery for NFL players (and other large and/or elite athletes) but is equally suitable and therapeutic for those with different wellness and performance needs and goals. RTI’s training also addresses PEMF-related communication and education – particularly spreading the word, goal-setting and managing expectations.

Complete training is included free of charge for all new RTI PEMF owners. It is the BEST way to ensure consistency of treatment delivery and user/client/patient/ athlete/employee outcomes from the Therapy.

For more information or to participate in RTI’s PEMF training programs please:  contact us.