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If you are visiting our site because you have decided to buy a PEMF device here’s what you need to know about Replenishing Technologies Inc.:

  • RTI offers a wide selection of high, medium, and low-powered PEMF devices made by the World’s leading PEMF manufacturers.
  • RTI has spent 10+ years developing comprehensive protocols for general health, sports medicine and athletic training, injury/surgical recovery, disease prevention, and anti-aging.  
  • RTI protocols will position you to use your device most effectively to meet your specific PEMF goals and needs – and those whom you care about or for. 
  • Our Replenishing Care certification program will enable you to incorporate other complementary cellular-health technologies and tools with PEMF to enhance general health and athletic training outcomes even more.
  • RTI is based in Canada but we sell ALL over the World.  We are proud to have created references among practitioners, athletes, trainers and individuals in many countries – especially the US (where most of the products we sell are manufactured).
  • Complete training is included in the sale price of the machines.  We also frequently offer promotions and other incentives to add further value to our client-experience.
  • We offer specific product packages in Canada – designed to meet Canadian government regulations as well as reduce currency and import costs.
  • We invite you to call us at 647-289-3791 before buying from anyone else.  Doing so may be the wisest step you take in exceeding your PEMF goals (and at the best price).  


If you are visiting us because you are investigating Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, our site was specifically designed to aid in your research effort.

We hope you find it helpful and invite you to contact us if you have any questions. 

Here’s some information to get you started quickly: 
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Thank you for visiting. We look forward to helping you achieve your PEMF goals at the best available price.